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Internships & Co-ops Abroad

SMU has two career centers on campus, the Hegi Family Career Development Center and the Cox BBA Career Services, which serve the University community in providing career counseling, job search assistance, job listings and networking opportunities. All other Schools and some academic departments have an appointed staff member to serve as an internship coordinator. Use these resources to find the placement right for you.

SMU-Internship Program: London Business
The SMU-Internship Program: London Business is a 9-week summer academic and work program that has been developed for SMU Business students who have a desire to work in London. Coordinated through EUSA, a Boston-based agency that has placed university students in professional internships for over 20 years, the internship combines classroom learning with related work assignments customized to the specific student.

SMU-Internship Program: Sydney
The SMU-Internship Program: Sydney is a 7-week summer academic and work program that is coordinated through CAPA, who has been providing abroad experiences to students for almost 40 years.

Other International Internships for Academic Credit
Some SMU approved semester provider programs offer eligible students internships for academic credit. Students are required to enroll in one or more study abroad courses in addition to the internship. Check with your department or School internship coordinator to confirm that you will receive academic credit for the internship.

Academic internships though SMU-approved providers and partner universities, include the following:

  Argentina: Buenos Aires Center (IES)
  Australia: University of LaTrobe, Macquarie University, University of Melbourne, and University of
       New South Wales (IES)
  Austria: University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna, University of Vienna (IES)
  Botswana: University of Botswana (CIEE)
  Brussels: Vesalius College (BCA)
  Chile: Catholic University, University of Chile (IES)
  Costa Rica: Monteverde Center (CIEE)
  Ecuador: Catholic University, FLACSO (IES)
  England: University of East Anglia, University of London, University of Westminster (IFSA-Butler)
  France: Catholic University, Sorbonne, University of Nantes - Beaux Arts (IES)
  France: Strasbourg University (BCA)
  Hungary: Corvinas University (CIEE)
  Ireland: University College Cork (IFSA-Butler)
  Scotland: University of Edinburgh (IFSA-Butler)

Search the program brochures for more information. Check with your department or School internship coordinator to confirm that you will receive academic credit for the internship.

Bobby B. Lyle School of Engineering Co-op Program
SMU Lyle School of Engineering offers co-ops to undergraduate engineering students.  The program reflects the importance of both academic study and career-oriented preparation as the foundation for future success. For information on international co-op placements

Registering your Participation in the Program
Should you choose to pursue an international internship or co-op, you are required to register your participation in the program. The purpose of this registration is to enable the university to get in touch with you in case of emergencies. To register, click Programs and Application.

Programs & Application 

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